A cache against †† the Demise of the Boazn ††

A leisurely walk through the Glockenbachviertel and Untergiesing with the opportunity to get to know the drinking culture of the locals (even) better. 4.5 km and 55 minutes on foot; 5.0 km and 17 minutes by bike. Plus about ten minutes for deciphering the stages and calculating the next coordinates.


So what's a Boazn?

When we moved from Berlin to Munich in the year of the Lord 2016, everything that could possibly go wrong dutifully went wrong. For example, the moving company found it funny to hoist the oversized German flag that we had bought for the 2006 World Cup, which the natives didn't find remotely funny. Our mattress was not delivered on time. And so on. In short: None of this was quite stress-free - and we were completely burnt out. With the last of our strength we dragged ourselves to the supermarket when the host of a Boazn in our street noticed us and, thanks to his razor-sharp perceptiveness, stated: "You look like you need a beer". This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship, one result of which, by the way, is our permission to place this cache in its current form (should you wonder why this cache is a Letterbox/Hybrid - you'll see...).

Süddeutsche Zeitung defines a Boazn as follows:

The name "Boazn" is as ambivalent as what occasionally happens inside. Depending on how you intonate this name, it can be an absolutely third-class pub or a cosy little pub.

Understand that in both cases no large restaurant is meant; one will therefore never call the Hofbräuhaus a Boazn, be it in the bad or in the good sense. The folk etymology associates the Boazn with the High German word Beize, firstly because after a longer visit one actually feels somehow stained there, and secondly because one also prepares the Sauerbraten in a Boaz.

In fact, Boazn is a term from Rotwelsch which, like the Austrian Beisl, is derived from Yiddish bajis (house, Hebrew bajit). [Source: SZ, May 17, 2010, "Was ist eine Boazn?"]

Right. Got that Boazn thing. Now what?

Your task is very simple. Go to the first Boazn (which is at the header coordinates), solve the riddle, calculate the coordinates for the second Boazn, go there, solve the riddle, calculate the coordinates for the third Boazn, etc.

Wherever you need to convert words into letter values, it's the sum of the letter values. Not about their iterated checksum or the like. Specifically: "Today Call God" has the sum ∑119 (20 15 4 1 25 _ 3 1 12 12 _ 7 15 4 = ∑119). Use this website which also works fabulously on mobile phones. Type your solution in the upper form field, hit "encode", and the site will calculate the sum of the letter values for you.

Stage & task Coordinates for the next stage

1) How many chains is the Boazn sign attached to?

The number you are looking for is A.

N 48° 7.(2*A+335) E 11° 33.(A*270,5)

2) You are looking for the sum of the letter values of the second word in the name of this Boazn.

∑ is B.

N 48° 7.((3*B)-(2,5*A))' E 11° 34.A(B-5)'

3) What colour is the lamp right above the awning? You are looking for the sum of the letter values of the word you are looking for. In German, of course. Use a translation engine if in doubt. So the letter value of C is that of the German word for the colour for which you are looking.

∑ is C.

N 48° 6.((C*16)+B-(A*3))' E 11° 34.((C*6)+(A*9,5))' 

4) On the facade you will find a blue sign for water pipes. You are looking for the inside diameter in millimetres of the supply pipe. Remember that you are in Germany. We have a law, or at least a standard, for everything, including information signs for water pipes. Which means this sign is documented online...

This number is D.

N 48° 7.((D+C)+(A*13))' E 11° 34.((D*2)+C+(A*6,5))'

5) How many of the name-giving figures do you find on the window pane?

The number of these figures is E.

N 48° 7.((D*3)+B-(2,5*E)-(0,25*A))' E 11° 34.((C-B-E)/2)'

6) There's a master (in German, "Meister") at work in the Boazn backyard. He advertises his business by means of a sign on the corner of the Boazn. You are looking for the sum of the letter values of his surname.

∑ is F.

These coordinates will lead you to the final. There is a hiding place for the key which you will need to open the cache container.

Please use the coordinate checker below, otherwise you won't be able to get to the the key! The checker contains spoiler pictures and another possibly important hint for the Ground Zone.


N 48° 7.((5*F)+(2*C)-(3*E)-1)' E 11° 33.((12*F)+C+B-(2*E)-A)'

What else is there to note?

The usual rules of the game apply:

  1. The stamp remains in the cache; so does the stamp pad; so does the logbook.
  2. Logs with spoilers are deleted without comment as well as images with EXIF data of one of the stages.
  3. Please close the container for the key after you have put the key back.
  4. The cache container is large enough to accommodate regular coins and dog tags. Happy trading.

So, Prosit! and Happy Hunting!